The Beretta Nano vs. The Sig p290RS

Discussion in 'Tactical Handgun' started by ericb, Dec 23, 2013.

  1. ericb

    ericb Member

    I got my comparison review up as promised. As usual it is too long to cut and paste here.

    Here is the link:

    To sum it up, here are my personal conclusions:

    Hope you enjoy it.
  2. Pale Rider

    Pale Rider Member

    Nice, very detailed review.
  3. Papa Bear

    Papa Bear Well-Known Member

    Good deal, other me...(I'm Eric B. too) :)
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  4. Danneskjöld Securities

    Danneskjöld Securities Active Member

    Good review.

    I think the P290's hammer is actually one of its strengths, right? The ability to act "revolver-ish" while still having the positive attributes of a magazine reloading system. Without the hammer, you can't really get a restrike capability, and without restrike the gun can't really become the "roving gun" (to borrow from Anthony).

    Curious why you didn't like the hammer.

    Also, it looks like you're starting to see some peening on the barrel of the 290 unless I'm mistaken.
  5. ericb

    ericb Member

    The downfall or negative is that something such as a hand, clothing, etc can come between the hammer and the firing pin.

    As for the peening, I have not noticed anything unusual upon inspection.
  6. Danneskjöld Securities

    Danneskjöld Securities Active Member

    I suppose somebody more mechanically inclined than me could come up with a way to build the restrike feature without an external hammer (i.e. using a striker system).
  7. Itshak (Ike) Sarfati

    Itshak (Ike) Sarfati Active Member

    I shot the Nano and did not like it, it did not fit well in my hand. I never shot the Sig 290 maybe I will go to the range and shoot it out of curiosity.
    The gun I chose as a pocket gun and I am not trying to derail the thread is the Shield that is a tad larger then the Nano and the 290 and maybe that is why I like it more.
    EricB thanks for the report.
  8. ericb

    ericb Member

    I owned a shield, I liked the shield, I did not like the thumb safety. I also did not want to remove it or epoxy it. I want it not to have one from the factory. If S&W ever does this I would buy one again.
  9. Itshak (Ike) Sarfati

    Itshak (Ike) Sarfati Active Member

    Eric the moment the Shield goes into my holster the safety is removed so having it or not makes no difference to me.
    I shoot my Shield so well that it is better then my Glock's and my Sig 229 Elite but it has less capacity and dedicated as a pocket pistol. I still carry two spare 8 round mag's as back up when I carry the Shield.
  10. Danneskjöld Securities

    Danneskjöld Securities Active Member

    I agree that was a mistake. No self-defense pistols I own will ever have a manual external safety of any kind (I reserve the right for future technology to change my mind, but not for everything I've ever seen thus far ...).
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  11. Jim

    Jim Member

    I own and like the P290 as well. I carry it with two spare eight round mags when I need more concealment than I can obtain with my G19. Great review! Thanks Eric!
  12. Daniel

    Daniel Active Member

    Nice review. Well done.

    The Kahr PM9 outclasses both guns IMO. Better trigger, much lighter, lower bore axis. Just IMO, but I bought a Sig 290RS when prices came down and it is an incredible let down compared to the PM9. For the weight of the Sig, I would just as soon carry a G26.
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  13. SARGeek

    SARGeek Active Member

    Thanks for the info! There are times when my full size XD45 (5") is a bit hard to dress around and so I am always looking to see what the options might be.
  14. Simi Shooter

    Simi Shooter Active Member

    I wish I could own either one here in Khaliforniastan....:(
  15. Danneskjöld Securities

    Danneskjöld Securities Active Member

    I would like to hear if others who have both feel the same as well.
  16. Gary Thornbury

    Gary Thornbury Well-Known Member

  17. Itshak (Ike) Sarfati

    Itshak (Ike) Sarfati Active Member

    I used to own a Kahr PM9 that was an incredible little gun, but Kahr's are a hit and miss and some are good and some are bad.
    So caveat emptor.
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  18. Dr John Meade

    Dr John Meade Administrator Staff Member

    As I have said before, I have 3 guns I consider "covert" (ie, guns to carry when you can't carry your regular gun).

    S&W 642 - rarely
    Rohrbaugh R9s -ankle holster or other situation where I need the absolute smallest 9mm out there.
    Sig P290 -most commonly carried in an AIWB holster I asked Dale Fricke to custom make for me. It turned out so well he is now selling it as The Jonathan (an indirect homage to me!).

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  19. Scott Karkos

    Scott Karkos Well-Known Member

    Thanks for the review!
  20. Strengverboten

    Strengverboten Well-Known Member

    I have a PM9. Actually I gave it to my MIL . I love the way it feels but I just never gelled with it.

    Then while looking for a more discrete pistol I bought a 290RS and G26 the same week. At first I struggled to get used to gun but I've since come to really like it.

    Yes it IS as heavy as a g26 and holds 5 fewer rounds but it can be carried -at least by me - in places I couldn't hide the g26.

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